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IRS & Equifax: A match made in heaven.

Original post date: Oct. 3, 2017 Updates: Oct. 4, 2017 Today like many others I was in complete shock to learn that the IRS had awarded a contract to Equifax, to “ establish an order for third party data services from Equifax to verify taxpayer identity and to assist...
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Online OSINT tools

I realized the other day when doing some OSINT research that I’ve collected quite the set of tools online. My bookmarks are getting a little out of hand so for my own reference, I figured I’d dump them into a blog post  so when I’m trying to remember...
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Zopim.com compromised – using social engineering

Yes, folks – people still get social engineered. Below is a copy of the email we received on December 11, 2013: Your personal data may have been accessed What happened?  A few hours ago, one of our support staff’s workstation was compromised through a social engineering attack. The...
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